3 Months to FCC Front End Developer Certificate

3 Months to FCC Front End Developer Certificate

Back to Webbing Often (or is that ofTen of ten = of 10?) & #learnToCode, #womenWhoCode, #codeNewbie

This is a BIG PLANNING SESSION for me, to figure out my time!

I’ve been on & off of FreeCodeCamp.org since last I posted here; also doing a lot of political twitter.com/webOften -ing for both the #flintwatercrisis & #hillary2016 because #imwithher & #sheswithus, imo, plus I discovered dailyKos, lol, oh-oh!

Meanwhile I’ve been embarrassed that I haven’t made this blog look better; so I haven’t been here posting and looking at it, so that’s on my list: getting to know wordPress better. Plus there was the holidaze, was sick, had major dental surgeries (several) yada yada….Meanwhile, my local wordPress meetup closed!

One of the domains I need to work on for my friend’s healing business

Anyway, I was inspired to update this via another *freecodecamper’s (*=FCC) blog post, which I found via FCC’s facebook (fb) page: How to be a Self-Taught Web Developer. He had a 6 month plan, but I don’t think he had discovered FCC then.

Just around the ides of March (when Hillary won 5 states-Yahtzee!) I’d been getting inspired and working on the stuff I gotta do-AND, probably not coincidentally, I have been taking thyroid syntHormone RX, which actually gives me energy & volition to get stuff done.

My plan now is to get my FCC Front-End Developer Certificate done in ~3 months, from Spring Equinox to Summer Solstice; 3-21 to 4-21; 4-21 to 5-21; 5-21 to 6-21.

I will finishing step 1 in the next few days, then I will be doing steps 2. as: 3-24 to 5-1 & step 3. as: 5-1 to 6-21.


Step 0.: (In FCC, what I’ve already finished & what’s left to do🙂

fcc at vernEqx
Here’s a screen capture of my current FCC map (schedule)
  • Responsive Design w Bootstrap*
  • JQuery*
  • Object-Oriented & Functional Programming*
  • Recently did half the quick ‘Gear Up for Success‘;(except LinkedIn‘s just too public so soon, but will be doing that in step 3; and the commit to Girl Develop It @step 2)
  • Basic Javascript: recently finished all the new stuff, took me several days (which was ~half of it)
  • Basic Algorithm Scripting: had finished 4 of 16 previously


*needs review cuz it’s been awhile; some since last summer, but the bulk since Oct. 2015

HOURS:  ~75 already done;

452 more to do in 3 months for Front End Developer Certificate

~= 150/month  {OR 226/6weeks (2 sessions)}

~= 37.6/week!

magickbyDesign tulipsMini
Happy & Blessed  Vernal Equinox!


Step 1.: THIS weekend (& extended Equinox to airy Libra March 23rd Crow (or Sap or Chaste) Full Moon Lunar Eclipse):  I will finish the Basic Front-End Development Projects, (50 hours) plus some personal things that need to be done:

    • a tribute page; mine is for a Preeminent Ukrainian coder: Kateryna L. Yushchenko
    • personal porfolio page – will feature these ‘coming soon’ pages
    • Figure out the scheduling of when I can squeeze in the Udemy course I have
    • update my PC so I can use my psd subcription
    • review the things I *need to review from FCC (see above in the already finished)
    • go for a hike any day I can
    • maybe go to Lansing Sun PM? for that group, plus visit sister & her family
    • go to library & bank Monday?
    • pay taxes on AZ property  & insurance Tuesday?
    • check on govt. paperwork for eventual job-hunting Wednesday?
    • laundry & recycling Sunday afternoon
    • plant some seeds (supposed to be rainy all next week) Sunday afternoon

      Happy Spring!
    • Sam’s flea protocols when it rains this week
    • Doing something with lavender wood & trim harvest Sunday afternoon
    • A beet-dyed pysanka for the holidaze tonight/tomorrow after coding
    • Basement, bedroom, office & studio areas deep spring cleaning & organizing
    •        Sun into firey Aries
    • Mar 24: Other sister starts visit – possibly deep floors cleaning

Step 2.: Spring Equinox (the ancient New Year) to MayDay (Beltain) Day

  • (Mar 24: Other sister starts visit)
  • March 27: flint stop snyder petitions = Easter
  • Make a plan & calendar to firm up days for these 6 weeks
  • Figure out the 226 hours: Basic Algorithm Scripting through Intermediate
  • Meetup with folks at least fortnightly for the NETWORKING social aspects; check conference schedules – Self, WordCamps, Smashing schedule
  • Speaking of which, do the commit to Girl Develop It, maybe GR?
  • Exercise daily; maybe rejoin the gym on March 31/April 1, as its tick & lyme disease prime time; start tracking food on phone
  • Heavy gardening time – daily seed starting
  • Social media for various causes -kzoo dems, flint stop snyder; possibly office too
  • Meet with Eileen to finish her page

    c eileen massageMini
    Breathe, Relax, Massage
  • April 1: Gym!!!
  • April 7: new firey Aries moon
  • April 14: Tax forms due to IRS, last call; also Orphan Black 🙂
  • Aprll 22, full watery Scorpio Seed (or Sprouting Grass) Moon
  •       & the Sun goes into Earthy Taurus
  • Photoshop Phun Times!
  • Put up all my sites’ coming soons up, & check billing w hosts
  • More pysanky irl for the site demos, & for sales

    Happy & Blessed Eostre!
  • Some more  type of online WordPress training
  • Finish Udemy course
  • Do some github online training
  • Prune lavender?
  • Shampoo the upstairs & downstairs carpets?
  • Paint the house exterior?

3) From MayDay to Summer Solstice

  • May 1: Festivities
  • Mercury is Retrograde in earthy Taurus from April 28-May 22; so a good time to review & take stock of new plans, follow up on what’s been done
  • Make a plan & calendar to firm up days for these 6 weeks
  • Figure out the 226 hours: Intermediate Algorithm Scripting through Advanced Front End Projects
  • Meetup with folks at least fortnightly for the NETWORKING social aspects; check conference schedules – Self, WordCamps, Smashing schedule
  • LinkedIn profile & Biz cards

    This is the goal!
  • May 6: new earthy Taurus Moon
  • May 21: full Flower (or Corn Planting) Moon  in firey Sagittarius
  •        & Sun goes into airy Gemini 
  • Digital spring cleaning time?
  • Heavy gardening time – daily planting
  • Work on harvest share app

    Go eat there!
  • June 5: new airy Gemini Moon
  • June 20: full Strawberry (or Lovers) Moon  also in firey Sagittarius (double!)
  •       & Sun goes into watery Cancer 
  • Even more with WordPress
  • Work on lgbHome app
  • Make Summer calendar
  • Job hunt for the last month
  • WeMoon land for July 4???


  • https://summergoddess.wordpress.com/full-moon-names/
  • http://www.moongiant.com/Full_Moon_New_Moon_Calendar.php
  • http://darkstarastrology.com/moon-phases/

The 3 Goals for #DIYcodecamp Defined; The 3 Challenges, 3 Solutions Method

‘Codecamps’ or code ‘bootcamps’ are all the rage right now, partly because, as NPR puts it, it’s only “12 Weeks to a 6 Figure Job” but they are not the answer for all us non-CS majors who want in on the action. I, for example, am tied to a small midwestern city at least 2-3 hours from any daily bootcamp, and due to current family constraints and the wonderfully wretched winter weather (just shoveled the driveway for an hour!) I cannot easily drive/move to attend one.

SO: I am starting my  own#DIYcodecamp, as I am calling it, teaching myself how to code using these:

3 Sources of Knowledge, Learning and Goals for #DIYbootcamp

  1. Resources: online and print,
  2. Networking and Community: in-person conferences and meetups, and *real-ish* online relationships, and
  3. Practice and Product: diy projects, examples and results.

Current Accountability:

  1. Resources: I had already started using codecademy, and I just recently opened a freecodecamp account, and have been finding tons of other sources, online and off, like Coursera, Udemy, and Skillshare;
  2. Networking: I went to my first in-person coding meetup -outta town though, I had to drive over 2 hours, but it was fascinating and worth it! – about security exploits, and they gave us free dinner! with several more scheduled before the end of the month, PLUS the free local world IAday conference this weekend is only a couple hours drive away, and I’ve found several other local-ish small conferences for next month, even as I was writing this post! Also, again, my freecodecamp account, which says “Let’s learn to code by building projects for nonprofits” and explicitly addresses all 3 goals of resources, community and practice. I also just recently found codenewbie.org, which, so far seems to live up to its self-billing as “the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code.”
  3. Practice and Product: My first projects are to actually populate one of the urls I own as a portfolio, along with making some personal biz cards. Those last 2 are today’s project, which I have meant to do, for a long time, (paying for empty domains=ridiculous!) but the pressure is on because I want to be able to network at worldIADay and have something tangible for my ‘personal brand’. I appreciate that worldIADay bills itself as ‘for professionals and enthusiasts’ – I’m somewhere in there!

3 Reasons Why I’m Doing #DIYcodecamp:

  1. Career – my skillset needs an upgrade to catch me up to where I should be; I need a ‘real job’ that allows me to earn a good salary;
  2. Cost – the DIY-ness of it makes it much more affordable than the $5-15K, I have seen advertised for group bootcamps; and
  3. Challenge – even with my long (since the ’80’s) ‘digitalist’ background, the pace of change in computer science and information technology has been relentless. I have kept abreast of most of it: I taught web design at a community college at the turn of the millennium, worked for a major software manufacturer in tech support, and taught new media, graphics software and html (old versions) at both a secondary and a couple of post-secondary institutions. I  *did* take some CS classes at the University where I was an adjunct, but that was almost 2 decades ago, and I am completely out of practice. I missed the boat on some things, like when WordPress became a CMS more than a blogging platform, and my training was limited to languages that aren’t used much any more, other than Java.

3 Challenges: (“The DIY” in #DIYcodecamp)

  1. Isolation* Challenge:  inaccessible, incommunicado, far away, remote, lonely, solitary  
  2. Inertia Challenge; inactivity, inaction, inertness, do nothing, stationary, stasis
  3. Inexperience Challenge- Knowing what I it is that I need to know, also lack of experience, knowledge, or skill

*synonyms via google

The 3 solutions to these challenges are built-into the method of #DIYcodecamp:

  1. Resources,
  2. Networking, and
  3. Practice.

BONUS: Product (skillset) – web and software development skills, ‘soft’ skills, completion, and a career.

-Wish me luck!