Niche vs. Lifestyle Blog? Scattering Focus in Happy 2015 Year of Green Wood Sheep

circle spiral green wood sheep 2015 wWatermark2 for Tuesday, belatedly ;D

  1. Happy Chinese New Year, the Green Wood Sheep year which is supposed to be creative and productive and peaceful! Happy New Moon in Aquarius (my sign) and welcome Pisces
  2. Niche vs. Lifestyle: Definitely Lifestyle – Not laser focus but  several foci! I was reading How to Start a Niche Blog (and Why You Should) on, and realized that I had gone from a ‘scattershot’ but focused niche blog (on all things web in my life) to some web stuff that I am learning, but also, especially on my attendant twitter account, I have been tweeting about several non-blog things I am interested in. The fact that #RussiaInvadedUkraine and my family and elderly parents sit and worry about our family, friends, and motherland, #Ukraine, so the only thing I could do was that I *HAD* to tweet about it, and this was the twitter account ready, at hand, loaded in my browser, and able to tweet immediately and follow others (several of my other accounts are too full!) meant that I have now changed from just a ‘digiwrimo’ WordPress learning experiment blog, to a more whole (or even holistic*) lifestyle blog.

Google definition of holistic* philosophy:

“characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.”

For me, the things I am planning on blogging (and tweeting) about using this persona, are now encapsulated in my twitter profile (which I had previously left blank):

Feminist environmentalist digitalist first generation Ukie n. american

  • Several of my passions – feminism, environmentalism – may be separate niche WordPress blogs, at some point?! (I had some blogspots/blogger ones that are pretty dead about these topics.) But for now, this is my platform, even if it’s just for practice. I *DO* find that the feminism influences my web work, because as #WomenInTech -a minority group, inexplicably- I am immediately a woman in tech, not just someone in tech.
  • The ‘digitalist’ (a word I have been using for a long time now, as it subsumes both my development and design [left vs right brain?] sides into a holistic whole) is what webOften was originally supposed to be focused solely on, for just a limited time, during #digiwrimo 2014; but I dropped the ball on that when other digitalisms took over in ‘real life’ for a bit.
  • “first generation Ukie n. american” – with the deaths on the Maidan and then a dictator (Putin, or Putler, as I think of him) killing thousands of people from my Ukrainian motherland, my family and I have been consumed with few other thoughts, so this passion took over and I had to tweet and reblog about it.

Anyway, so that’s my 2 for Tuesday (published belatedly! but written mostly on Tuesday!) -scattering focus or focused scattering? Yes.

& Happy green wood sheep!

circle spiral green wood sheep 2015 wWatermark


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