Goals -Thoughtful Thankful Thursday (Day 6 of 30 Days of Blogging)

Reading another’s #digiwrimo’r’s blog post (“MY “EPHIPHANY: HERE’S TO DIGIWRIMO!“) I was moved to clarify & coalesce the goals* I stated in my for my participation entry in the Digiwrimo Roster this year. {I have the tendency to start strong, but not always follow thru, so, of course, I was compelled to start by attempting #nanowrimo, #digiwrimo, along with, by default, BlogHer’s #nablopomo, and just found out about #row80, so I think I’ll join that, lol, so that my nano & digi writings can kind of continue after the month, as needed, and I don’t go thru ‘writ’drawl.}

I started the month strong, but unprepared – I have started to do nano a few times but I undertook weaving a story about a very heinous, gut-wrenching, atrocious, evil historical topic, that affected me very personally, so I was never able to complete the fine-grained, detailed research that was required to be able to write my characters well, in addition to figuring out my nanoprocess, learning new software, etc., and also, some years, time. The next morning, I doubled my wordcount, but due to a weird but consistent intermittent keyboard glitch of my pc, I lost all the morning’s work! This set me back a lot, obviously in wordcount, but also in my motivation and sustaining energy, and the next day I didn’t have time to write because I was gone for the day and into the night. Actually, I haven’t had time to make up the lost words, and haven’t been that motivated to write more until today. As to Digiwrimo (and Nablopomo): since I was working on my novel (using the ‘by the seat of my pants’ method as against planning it out ), I didn’t do the digiwrimo opening, nor did I see the call for the goals in the roster, until the other day when reading the #digiwrimo twitter, I saw that someone was posting their’s late, so I followed suit. This is what I said, though now I have altered it to refer to this post:

*My project: refreshing HTML5, CSS, javascript, daily WordPress -ing, and more goals tbd soon; Also gonna win nanowrimo.

 Fleshing this out:

  1. Blog daily (with the focus not being the actual writing but instead learning the deeper intricacies of WordPress) for Nablopomo & Digiwrimo in WordPress (I’ve used blogspot, tumblr, and pInterest extensively (though yesterday I also started a webOften tumblr) and each week post what I’ve learned (hey that’s 4 posts! lol)
  2. Write my novel for nano
  3. Finish that WordPress book, now that I’m actually using this CMS for digiwrimo
  4. Further WordPress research for digiwrimo
  5. Might be pie-in-the sky in a month, but program my own theme? for row80
  6. A calendar for posting to WordPress, and a daily routine for my digital work, because otherwise I get sucked in surfing & reading & being inspired & starting working, but not producing! Also calendar the next MI60 days (into 2015) into all of these tasks, and their subtasks for digiwrimo
  7. Exploring new2me free graphics softwares: inkscape & blender3d & maybe a fractal sw for digiwrimo
  8.  Explore new2me social media: instagram (I’ve always hated those washed out “retro” filters) possibly in one of my other identities/handles for digiwrimo
  9. Learn & do code, at least an hour a day: starting with codecademy -finish css, then do javascript for digiwrimo
  10. Finish all the sites I have been planning/hoping to complete here in MI60 -poetpriestess, windows2thesky, magickbydesign, nat01, psdesign, maybe eileen’s, maybe pArt-y w Lena, Shawn’s ballon site, adbobeld, maybe landLes, maybe some volunteer for sparkd
  11. Connect with others irl via meetups -put ’em on the sched for digiwrimo and row80
  12. Other technologies as I run across them, for digiwrimo
  13. Maintain & update (they are woeful) my social media twtters, facebook, deviantArt and Behance and Linked In profiles for fun and profit for digiwrimo

That’s it!


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