Yes, the all-important holiday season…thinking this might be a good thing for my dad


Jawbone announced two new fitness trackers on Wednesday. Although there isn’t a firm release date yet, both the entry-level UP Move and the higher-end UP3 will be on store shelves by the all-important holiday shopping season.

jawbone-04-fixed Jawbone UP3

The UP3 is the direct successor to the UP 24, and like previous Jawbone UP trackers, it’s worn around the wrist and has a battery life measured in days — seven, when it first hits the market, and previous Jawbone products have received updates that improve battery life. Physically, it’s a more refined version of the UP24, with lights and a capacitive touch sensor on the top of the band, and a slightly slimmer profile that hugs the wrist better. It’s got a new magnetic charger, too.

It adds two new sensors to the familiar accelerometer: Sensors for measuring skin and ambient temperature, and four tiny contacts that make up a bioimpediance sensor. Unlike other fitness trackers

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