Neuromarketing & HP Sprout (2 for Tuesday; Day 4 of 30 Days of Blogging)

Diana-of-Versailles,- Artemis-2 4tuesday wmk2 Trends to Watch:

Today, when I was perusing the #Digiwrimo twitter feed, and then, going wider web, I ran across the term Neuromarketing – using neuroscience to effectively sell. Fascinating.

Also, I ran across the HP Sprout*


As a ‘creative’, it SO appeals to me! No mouse, no keyboard; instead a scanner, projecting down and a 90 degree touchboard screenface – it brings virtuality back to what I mind-blowingly envisioned when I first understood the power of abstract reality in my early 80’s computer engineering classes, and then again when I was teaching 3d software integration to Grad architecture students. HP calls it ‘blended reality’ which I do NOT think is hype in this case. It also has respectable specs, a Tb hdd, 8G RAM (I immediately wondered to myself if it was upgradeable, lol)  Looks really interesting and exciting!

‘Til tomorrow! Enjoy the digital and real worlds!!!

*Seriously, check out HP’s videos, a still image of it does not convey what the experience of using it appears to be! I hope to check it out at my local Best Buy when it’s released on Nov. 9. I have no affiliation with HP, though the laptop I am typing this on was made by them (bought by me though!)


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