Brainstorm: Day 3 of 30 days of Blogging (Brainstorming Blog Posts-Daily Memes) part 1

brain stormWmkAs promised, I am live-blogging [see revision points, as I saved and posted, marked as: Rev.1] my brainstorm of future blog posts. A little herstory: This blog is the work of a long-time digitalist. I started programming in the late 70’s, on a computer that had a  CASSETTE tape as a ‘hard drive’. [Rev.2] I came of age before the internet, but because I was back in school, working at a U multimedia computer lab when the internet sprouted, burst forth and bloomed, and also worked at a major software company doing tech support for operating systems and internet connectivity, AND was in school for media arts, computer science, scientific visualization and digital photography, my interests in computers are wide-ranging but not shallow. I do tend to prefer the  abstraction and promise of software, but a really stellar piece of hardware can make me salivate. 😀 Also, I have an artistic eye, at least the Professors who gave me the A’s I got in art school thought so, but I am mostly a problem-solver, from way back; my first computer engineering class in college in the 80’s was the last class to use punchcards, and mainframes, one of the factors that eventually dissuaded me from continuing my studies in that field at that time. [Rev.3]

Anyway….blogging brainstorming forward!  First, daily days / meme-of-the-day / internet theme (meme) days


  • Moony Monday, (for those who love the Moon – it’s what Monday was named after)
  • Manic Monday (thank you Bangles)
  • Modulated Monday (not sure about this one)
  • Modern Monday
  • Mobile Monday (responsive web design, trends in cellphone, tablets, etc)
  • Michigan Monday,  (where I live part of the time- my local boosterism)
  • Movie Monday*, Monday Mingle,* Meet Me Monday,* and Monday Mood*. (I did think of moody Monday myself, but thought it sounded weird!)
  • ALSO just thought of Meme Monday 🙂 Rev.8-changed formatting]


  • 2 for 2sday (Two 4 Twosday)
  • Tuesday Twitters,  (where I live part of the time- my local boosterism)
  • Tucson Tuesday  /[Rev.4],
  • Tackle It Tuesday (before and afters/projects tackled)*, TMI Tuesday*, Top Ten Tuesday*, Tasty Tuesday*, Thumbs Up Tuesday*, Teaser Tuesday*, Take Three Tuesday* (3 tips, links, or random thoughts), Cats on Tuesday*


  • Wordless Wednesday (photos, images)
  • Wordpic Wednesday (Pictures dealing with text)
  • Webalicious Wednesday
  • Wallpaper Wednesday (weekly wallpapers reviewed, &/or ones I create);
  • WordPress Wednesday
  • What’s Up Wednesday* (updates from blogger and commenters), Welcome Wednesday*, Wish List Wednesday*, Weekly Book Blog Hop*, Weekly Book*


  • Thoughtful Thursday
  • Thinking Thursday (on rev6 was running out of thoughts, until I googled, of course! Throwback Thursday*)
  • Think Back Thursday*, Travel Thursday*, Thursday Thoughts*, Thankful Thursday*
  • Also should have Thumbs Up Thursday (not Tuesday like is common!)


  • TGIF
  • Freeday
  • Freebie Friday
  • Friday Follow  [Rev.5]
  • Freya Friday (- it’s what Friday was named after)
  • Infographic Friday
  • Feature and Follow Friday* (thank yous and networking), Photo/Foto Friday*, Fill-in (the blank) Friday*, Friday Five* (links, topics, etc.), Friday Fling*, Illustration Friday (draw given theme)*


  • Caturday*
  • Sunny Saturday*, Saturday Struggles*, Weekend Q&As*
  • Saturday 6


  • Sunny Sunday
  • Spirituality Sunday
  • Soulful Sunda
  • Sunday Simplicity
  • Bun(ny)day*, Punday*, Sunday Seven* (7 links/q’s/topics/tips)

ALSO: daily, weekly, monthly, and anytime

*got from googling ‘day of the week meme’; also really enjoyed hipster dog on [Rev.6]


and got some of the * memes from:

LORELLE’s blog looks excellent – some great writing ideas; I followed it 😀

she also suggested: [Rev.9The Daily Meme

and [Rev.7]

Thanks, more in part2 soon; last revision for live bloggin: [Rev.10]


2 thoughts on “Brainstorm: Day 3 of 30 days of Blogging (Brainstorming Blog Posts-Daily Memes) part 1

  1. LOL! Looks like you might need to follow a few more tips – kidding!

    Great list, and great project.

    Be aware that many of these memes are considered now out-of-date, been there done that got the t-shirt. Follow Friday is a big one. That is soooooooo over, as my nieces would say.

    Also note that “penalizes” posts with more than 15 tags. They don’t appear in the Blog Reader, if that is a penalty that concerns you. Doesn’t me, but does for some. My content appears in people’s feed readers, something I push forward as much as possible as it puts all your web content you like to track in a single access point to quickly scroll through and read. Love feed readers!

    Thanks for the inclusion and good luck with your project!

    PS: I remember working on the tape drives and GIANT floppies (record album size). SIGH.


    1. Hi Lorelle, thanks for the comment 😀 Yep, you are right, I need a few more tips…working on it! Even if meme-of-the-day is over generally, I *have* seen it used here and there on certain blogs as a kind of organizing principle, personally branded, which was more how I was thinking about using it, though maybe I will not be quite so overt about it, given your point.

      Also, the 15 tags; that is really good information too, thanks! (I think I will usually struggle to find more then 10 tags so that shouldn’t be a problem, but will keep in mind the 15 upper limit). I assumed feed readers were ‘soooo out’ once google discontinued their feed reader, over a year ago: but I guess some people still use them.

      Gonna stop on over to your web space now, and say hi!


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