Day 2 of 30 Days of Blogging (Web Early; Often: in Multiple Formats)

day2WmkI decided to start this new blog in WordPress to “learn by doing”. I regret now that I didn’t learn this platform sooner, it could have been quite useful…though years ago it was probably not as robust…*now* it is very mature, relatively-speaking, and seems to be a simple, gaily straight-forward wysiwyg platform, at least when using the free free themes, and free hosting.

I tried to “do” digiwrimo the first year (and nanowrimo too, but that’s a different story) but because I found it hard to count a bunch of little tweets and posts and even characters (I was on Facebook a ton then, often gaming) and didn’t want to re-count my nano words, and found it way too much math counting all those separately-posted words (and I had been a math teacher previously  :D). Also, the audience for digiwrimo skews academic, which I currently am not, though I’ve been an adjunct in the past, so I didn’t have the same foreground of work at the time.

Anyway, that’s the past; in the future: on day 3 I will live-blog my brainstorming of a bunch of web design and development topics for days 4-30, blogging as I try out different platforms and technologies. Also, I will be exploring further digital realms-I used to work for a University multimedia lab, in the very early days of the web, so my interests have been pretty bleeding edge since then (except WordPress!)

The title of this post -“web early, web often, web in multiple platforms”- comes from when I taught web design (as an adjunct!) in ’99: I used to make my class recite, 3 times, for the first 3 class sessions this mantra: “save early, save often, save in multiple places”. So now, now that I have stable web access for the time being — I almost chose web daily as the blog title, but at some point in the future that will not be an option when I am rural homesteading again–I will post or do something…

…something  ‘web’, often. 🙂


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