Litha-Summer Solstice~Mid Summer

Litha-Summer Solstice~Mid Summer

Nicely written; cogent points I haven’t seen elsewhere, so I reblogged. Also, in E. Europe, It’s Kupala (meaning washing), often Ivan, and to a lesser extent Ivana or Ivanka Kupala, celebrated with flower crowns, by girls, floated on a river/lake, with a candle lit on it, gotten by the boys & then that couple pairs off for the night, around the bonfire, & they can choose to jump / leap the bonfire—holding hands—to pair off longer. Happy Solstice!

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Litha is also known as Summer Solstice, Alban Hefin, Sun Blessing, Gathering Day, Feill-Sheathain, Whit Sunday, Whitsuntide, Vestalia, Thing-tide, St. John’s Day.
Litha is  celebrated on June 20th this year, but varies somewhat from the 20th to the 23rd, dependent upon the Earth’s rotation around the Sun. According to the old folklore calendar, Summer begins on Beltane (May 1st) and ends on Lughnassadh (August 1st), with the Summer Solstice midway between the two, marking Mid-Summer. This makes more logical sense than suggesting that Summer begins on the day when the Sun’s power begins to wane and the days grow shorter. The most common other names for this holiday are the Summer Solstice or Midsummer, and it celebrates the arrival of Summer, when the hours of daylight are longest. The Sun is now at the highest point before beginning its slide into darkness.

The celebration of Midsummer’s Eve was from ancient times linked…

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Logo Design part 2: Canva Brainstorming

After I was able to get back on the internet, I went to Canva & came up with some other ideas for logos:

canva Logos

and some others:

canva Logos2

So those are some other options.

Now I’m gonna go work on some for myself—which will be Part 3….

NaNoWriMo 2017, DigiWriMo too?

Well, a year later, Hillary won, but the electoral college & populace was manipped by social media, russians & Comey. Worked my heart out. VERY bummed.

Have done some reviewing of FCC, but not very substantive new work on it; was counting back from end of 2017 to do finish in #100daysOfCode.  That’s what winter 2017-18 will be for….

Also, the spring of 2016 had a big flood, and then again spring 2017, so living like a pack rat/as if I was a hoarder (which I had *just* finished unpacking stuff from my move during first flood) with boxes all around as I diy’d remediation. Painted the floor lavender after second flood made even ME throw out the carpet (after sucking it clean like 3-7 times per piece that I recovered!)

Anyway, started NaNoWriMo. Publishing it elsewhere that can be locked up, for my eyes only, not intermingled with other stuff, as it is explicit, (shockingly to myself I made first scene very graphic!)

But I CAN publish what I learn about writing here, plus my wordcount: 1234 so far, because earlier Yarny.Me was having issues; will use GoogleDocs as back-up. Also will check out if DigiWriMo is still a thing…seemed to have been taken over more for grad students and other academics in publish or perish culture.


Blue Moon Update

Well, biDiana-of-Versailles,- Artemis-2 4tuesday wmkg plans were…   …   ….big plans.

Still have goal of FCC Front-End DevLifelong-learning in mind, but not by Summer Solstice.

Will have new plan up this week, but progress has been subverted for last couple months, not much accomplished, but new focus isn’t just FCC.day1Wmk


Still, I have gone in some other directions – applied for a job with the candidate of my choice (guess…I’ve also spent a lot of time on, and had a week or so on deviantArt again, making…’art’. Nope: ART! Ownin’ it. Anyway, webbing, not often…enough, here, on this blog….


3 Months to FCC Front End Developer Certificate

3 Months to FCC Front End Developer Certificate

Back to Webbing Often (or is that ofTen of ten = of 10?) & #learnToCode, #womenWhoCode, #codeNewbie

This is a BIG PLANNING SESSION for me, to figure out my time!

I’ve been on & off of since last I posted here; also doing a lot of political -ing for both the #flintwatercrisis & #hillary2016 because #imwithher & #sheswithus, imo, plus I discovered dailyKos, lol, oh-oh!

Meanwhile I’ve been embarrassed that I haven’t made this blog look better; so I haven’t been here posting and looking at it, so that’s on my list: getting to know wordPress better. Plus there was the holidaze, was sick, had major dental surgeries (several) yada yada….Meanwhile, my local wordPress meetup closed!

One of the domains I need to work on for my friend’s healing business

Anyway, I was inspired to update this via another *freecodecamper’s (*=FCC) blog post, which I found via FCC’s facebook (fb) page: How to be a Self-Taught Web Developer. He had a 6 month plan, but I don’t think he had discovered FCC then.

Just around the ides of March (when Hillary won 5 states-Yahtzee!) I’d been getting inspired and working on the stuff I gotta do-AND, probably not coincidentally, I have been taking thyroid syntHormone RX, which actually gives me energy & volition to get stuff done.

My plan now is to get my FCC Front-End Developer Certificate done in ~3 months, from Spring Equinox to Summer Solstice; 3-21 to 4-21; 4-21 to 5-21; 5-21 to 6-21.

I will finishing step 1 in the next few days, then I will be doing steps 2. as: 3-24 to 5-1 & step 3. as: 5-1 to 6-21.


Step 0.: (In FCC, what I’ve already finished & what’s left to do🙂

fcc at vernEqx
Here’s a screen capture of my current FCC map (schedule)
  • Responsive Design w Bootstrap*
  • JQuery*
  • Object-Oriented & Functional Programming*
  • Recently did half the quick ‘Gear Up for Success‘;(except LinkedIn‘s just too public so soon, but will be doing that in step 3; and the commit to Girl Develop It @step 2)
  • Basic Javascript: recently finished all the new stuff, took me several days (which was ~half of it)
  • Basic Algorithm Scripting: had finished 4 of 16 previously


*needs review cuz it’s been awhile; some since last summer, but the bulk since Oct. 2015

HOURS:  ~75 already done;

452 more to do in 3 months for Front End Developer Certificate

~= 150/month  {OR 226/6weeks (2 sessions)}

~= 37.6/week!

magickbyDesign tulipsMini
Happy & Blessed  Vernal Equinox!


Step 1.: THIS weekend (& extended Equinox to airy Libra March 23rd Crow (or Sap or Chaste) Full Moon Lunar Eclipse):  I will finish the Basic Front-End Development Projects, (50 hours) plus some personal things that need to be done:

    • a tribute page; mine is for a Preeminent Ukrainian coder: Kateryna L. Yushchenko
    • personal porfolio page – will feature these ‘coming soon’ pages
    • Figure out the scheduling of when I can squeeze in the Udemy course I have
    • update my PC so I can use my psd subcription
    • review the things I *need to review from FCC (see above in the already finished)
    • go for a hike any day I can
    • maybe go to Lansing Sun PM? for that group, plus visit sister & her family
    • go to library & bank Monday?
    • pay taxes on AZ property  & insurance Tuesday?
    • check on govt. paperwork for eventual job-hunting Wednesday?
    • laundry & recycling Sunday afternoon
    • plant some seeds (supposed to be rainy all next week) Sunday afternoon

      Happy Spring!
    • Sam’s flea protocols when it rains this week
    • Doing something with lavender wood & trim harvest Sunday afternoon
    • A beet-dyed pysanka for the holidaze tonight/tomorrow after coding
    • Basement, bedroom, office & studio areas deep spring cleaning & organizing
    •        Sun into firey Aries
    • Mar 24: Other sister starts visit – possibly deep floors cleaning

Step 2.: Spring Equinox (the ancient New Year) to MayDay (Beltain) Day

  • (Mar 24: Other sister starts visit)
  • March 27: flint stop snyder petitions = Easter
  • Make a plan & calendar to firm up days for these 6 weeks
  • Figure out the 226 hours: Basic Algorithm Scripting through Intermediate
  • Meetup with folks at least fortnightly for the NETWORKING social aspects; check conference schedules – Self, WordCamps, Smashing schedule
  • Speaking of which, do the commit to Girl Develop It, maybe GR?
  • Exercise daily; maybe rejoin the gym on March 31/April 1, as its tick & lyme disease prime time; start tracking food on phone
  • Heavy gardening time – daily seed starting
  • Social media for various causes -kzoo dems, flint stop snyder; possibly office too
  • Meet with Eileen to finish her page

    c eileen massageMini
    Breathe, Relax, Massage
  • April 1: Gym!!!
  • April 7: new firey Aries moon
  • April 14: Tax forms due to IRS, last call; also Orphan Black 🙂
  • Aprll 22, full watery Scorpio Seed (or Sprouting Grass) Moon
  •       & the Sun goes into Earthy Taurus
  • Photoshop Phun Times!
  • Put up all my sites’ coming soons up, & check billing w hosts
  • More pysanky irl for the site demos, & for sales

    Happy & Blessed Eostre!
  • Some more  type of online WordPress training
  • Finish Udemy course
  • Do some github online training
  • Prune lavender?
  • Shampoo the upstairs & downstairs carpets?
  • Paint the house exterior?

3) From MayDay to Summer Solstice

  • May 1: Festivities
  • Mercury is Retrograde in earthy Taurus from April 28-May 22; so a good time to review & take stock of new plans, follow up on what’s been done
  • Make a plan & calendar to firm up days for these 6 weeks
  • Figure out the 226 hours: Intermediate Algorithm Scripting through Advanced Front End Projects
  • Meetup with folks at least fortnightly for the NETWORKING social aspects; check conference schedules – Self, WordCamps, Smashing schedule
  • LinkedIn profile & Biz cards

    This is the goal!
  • May 6: new earthy Taurus Moon
  • May 21: full Flower (or Corn Planting) Moon  in firey Sagittarius
  •        & Sun goes into airy Gemini 
  • Digital spring cleaning time?
  • Heavy gardening time – daily planting
  • Work on harvest share app

    Go eat there!
  • June 5: new airy Gemini Moon
  • June 20: full Strawberry (or Lovers) Moon  also in firey Sagittarius (double!)
  •       & Sun goes into watery Cancer 
  • Even more with WordPress
  • Work on lgbHome app
  • Make Summer calendar
  • Job hunt for the last month
  • WeMoon land for July 4???